Department of Information Technology

Lund Institute of Technology 

Enea Data AB and

OSE Systems

Graphical User Interfaces 

Using Objects in a Real-time Environment


Stefan Zivkovic

Conducted at Enea Data AB, Malmö



The objectives of this master project are to design a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The design was made right from the lowest level of hardware interaction up to the point were windows and graphical objects exists. Since this is a very large task, the work has been limited to match the work of a general master thesis. The master thesis covers the design of the GUI and will discuss some of the choices that have to be made during the work. The result of this work is a complete GUI system running in OSE a Real-time operating system from OSE Systems/Enea Data AB. The project has been divided into three parts: the hardware interface using OSE BIOS driver system, the application program's interface (API) with all the functionality that the programmer needs, and finally an object-oriented engine with a set of classes that can be used to build a graphical user interface. The master project should also result in a working prototype running on a PowerPC 821 with a color screen (TFT display).

    The result of the master project runs both on the hardware above and in an emulator using the Win32 API. It is both easy to port to new hardware and easy to extend with new functionality.


The Master Thesis was completed in November 1999 and the final report can be downloaded below.